The concept for ALPHA SPORT LA was born to give that one on one personal training attention to younger girls that needed guidance, that needed to find their inner ALPHA. This is not a WOMENS ONLY KINDA CLUB, though sponsored by NIKE WOMENS TRAINING. Alpha Venice is meant to be that special place in the community were people can go to ask questions, share common interest AND to get their asses kicked. That is why our price point is low considering the caliber of trainers we have on staff. Our classes are affordable yet high quality with a lot of personal attention.

It doesn't matter your size or shape...not looking at another person saying "I want to look like her". Loving yourself for what you were given, your strength and your inner power. It is about health, mentally & physically but most of all knowing what is important to you. Finding your purpose. I wanted this studio to be the place where people come to feel empowered.

Joselynne Boschen

Joselynne Boschen

Power Plate Level 1&2
200 hr UDAYA Yoga Teacher Training & Pranic Healing Level 1

The most important thing to have is a love for your work. I am so blessed to be doing what I am passionate about each and every day.

Being able to help people, educate people and connect on a different level gives me a high that I cannot explain.

My edge comes from growing up as a competitive dancer. Using my body as a tool for all of those years helped me to develop that mind body connect. Acquiring that at such a young age has allowed me to understand of how the body works both inside and out. These days it's second nature!

I take my credentials and add a personal spin. My own little KICK. Some of my training techniques incorporate TRX suspension training, Whole Body Vibration training, core stabilization and of course, functional movement.

My nutritional background is the final piece to the puzzle. Understanding how the body works plays a huge role in weight loss, weight gain & optimum health.

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Vanessa finds that the best cure from most ailments, be it emotional or physical, is breaking a good sweat. Her training style is greatly influenced by her active upbringing in Brooklyn, NY, her love for fitness, and her desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being a ASFA Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Certified Trainer, she has pursued several continuing education programs including Spinning certifications and is currently working on her nutrition certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

A warrior, in and out of the gym, Vanessa encourages you to find your untapped strength. After running a Half Marathon every month in 2013, Vanessa believes that every day is an opportunity to challenge your limits - the choice for change is yours!


Laetitia Guyot

East meets West... care and combativity... fun and sweat... Here comes Laetitia.

Fitness has always been a large part of Laetitia's life! Always keen to be involved in sports from an early age, she started with dance, swimming to finally focus on Martial arts.

From her travels around the world, Laetitia brought back a unique fusion of her passions - Taekwondo, Fitness and Yoga – devising fun sessions and ever changing routines.

Heir to the long tradition of martial arts in France, Laetitia holds a 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo and has taught it in Paris in the school she ran.

Holding a sport science degree, she focuses on keeping you body safe and strong.

Summer Allgyer

Summer Allgyer

Summer's passion for health and fitness began at an early age with gymnastics and basketball. Then her love of strength and agility evolved into a love for track and field. As she started to get faster and stronger she competed in power lifting competitions across Texas. Summer still holds records at her high school for the long jump, 400 meter relay and 1600 meter relay. Now a competing triathlete, Summer is continuing to learn that a body can become a machine with the right recipe of nutrition, force and recovery.Her approach to fitness is to address limits. Limits are flexible and change everyday. Learning those limits, meeting them, and pushing past them is how we can evolve and better ourselves.

Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor

Michelle Taylor has been in the fitness industry since 2001 and is certified though AFFA in Group Exercise and Personal Training. Michelle’s goal is to empower women over 40 who feel that their lives are over or that fitness is not a realistic goal for them. Michelle began her fitness career at 41 and has a passion to share this with others.

Michelle has a diverse fitness background having worked in upscale resorts, hotels, local Maui gyms and studios. She has training in Water Aerobics, M.E.L.T. Method, TRX, RIP, Silver Sneakers, Tabata, Indo-Row, ShockWave, Biggest Loser methods and is an IDEA member.

Michelle placed in the top ten at age 53, in the Beachbody 1st Annual Body Beast Fitness Competition. Her transformation also won her The Beachbody Challenge in the 50-59 year age group. Gaining notoriety as a role model and fitness entrepreneur, she was selected to appear in both the March and April 2014 SHAPE magazine ads for TRX.

In addition, Michelle organizes and leads Empowered Fitness Retreats in Italy once a year for her clients, each day consisting of daily workouts, hiking, cultural activities and relaxation.

Brian May

Brian May

Brian is in love with movement and how the human body will adapt, heal and perform. A NASM CPT & ISSA Sports Nutrition Specialist, He began living a plant based lifestyle after researching prevention and treatment of our most common illnesses and causes of death. We have the power to shape our future and it starts with our plate. Brian uses full-body integrated exercises combined it with a plant-based diet to allow the body to perform optimally with pain-free movement.