I moved to LA from the east coast as a competitive dancer. Was a bit "lost" as one would say, trying to find a place where I felt like I could belong. The mentality I had at that time was still very competitive. I didn't have many female friends my own age and really struggled with the transition. While auditioning there was always a sense of insecurity that I had never felt before. Now I know that feeling to be of inadequacy because I didn't know what my life's purpose was. When I was younger I knew what my purpose was to work as hard and I could and WIN. There was always an end result. Goals were "short term" in the grand scheme of things. As an ADULT, the world looked different. I wasn't booking the jobs that I wanted because I was too tall, and often felt like a failure. I didn't go to college right after graduating like most of my friends, and really had NO PLAN other than to dance.

Once the journey ended as a dancer, I began the exploration for new types of fitness regimes. That is when I met Alexandria Meekcoms. Alex became my trainer, and changed my perspective just a few weeks. This girl liked the things that I liked, was an athlete and a power house! When it came to knowing what she wanted and speaking her mind, Alex was a force of nature. She was accepting of who she was and how she presented that to the world. Alex taught me a lot about training, that was a much different approach from a dancer. But overall this lovely lady showed me how to connect and be a great friend. My support system in LA was finally solid.

Alex's friendship helped me to find my inner strength. It is all about how you carry yourself. A good friend can change the way you feel in your skin. This is how Alex's confidence helped her coin the phrase "Alpha Female."

When I lost my best friend suddenly in April of 2007 Something took a hold of me. I knew that I had make her proud, and that I needed that ALPHA FEMALE energy to keep me moving. My training became intense, as did my love for the gym. I went from the girl behind the front desk girl, to group ex trainer, to core trainer at a private club, to training celebrities out of my garage. The desire and drive for bigger & better things was always there, and I know that Alex gave me the confidence and the courage through her love and attitude.

The concept for ALPHA SPORT LA was to give that one on one experience to young girls that needed guidance, that needed to find their inner ALPHA. I wanted to be that role model for someone like she had been for me. Someone they could go to to ask questions, to share common interest AND get their asses kicked. That love hate most of you have with me!

I started teaching 2 girls at a time, then 4 at a time, 6 at a time then 8 at a time in my little guest house in Santa Monica. I was teaching girls to be strong, to push themselves. I stress understanding that you can become whatever it is that YOU TRUELY want IF THAT IS WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. It doesn't matter your size or shape....not looking at another person saying "I want to look like her". Loving yourself for what you were given, your strength and your inner power. It is about health, mentally & physically but most of all knowing what is important to you. Finding your purpose. I wanted this studio to be the place where people come to feel empowered.

Word got around about my little operation and NIKE decided they wanted to come by for a focus group. As of that day I became a brand ambassador and took off running.


I approached NIKE with my concept and in a moment of pure serendipity they decided to help. The project that Women’s Training was working on was called “Nike Training Club”. Together we would create a gym of the future using the concept of the NTC app. Along with suspension training and yoga I knew that I had arrived in VENICE. One of the first NTC MASTER TRAINERS in the US, I was flow to NYC to shoot my own ALPHA ABS workout for the NTC app.

I always say the ALEX is with me every step of the way...but I now know confidently, that it is me that has done this. She opened my eyes to a way of looking at the world that I had lost when my dancing career ended. As long as you are moving forward you are making progress. Owning & running my first business has been a struggle that has taught me to be open, and delegate with trust. Network and embrace others instead of trying to compete with them. We are always stronger as a unit......A TEAM. My strengths might be someone else's weakness and visa versa. We can take the weight for each other and create a universal appreciation for fitness...for sport...for each other. If you work hard, believe in yourself, stay authentic and never take no for an answer! All the things that you want for your life will happen you just have to EARN them. Be prepared for those moments of opportunity. Be humble but be confident. Learn to harness your inner warrior to develop a thick skin, because nothing can make you feel a certain way. Only you can decide how you want to feel and who you want to be.