Nike Training Club

NTC is mainly a functional fitness training app. Functional training is a type of exercise that trains the entire body to perform better. It develops better muscular balance and joint stability, reducing the risk of injury and reinforcing the body's ability to move freely during any activity. It strengthens everything - core, back, upper body and lower body - and is ideal for everyone: from the performance athlete to someone simply looking to get in shape. NTC also offers some gym, high intensity and studio based workouts such as yoga and pilates.


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alpha absNTC LIVE will be the experience you will have at ALPHA VENICE. Based on the principals of the app, Joselynne will take you through her designed butt-kicking workouts. These classes are in a group setting with the one-on-one attention that you won't find anywhere else. Other NTC LIVE events are held in NIKE stores in selected cities across the country or elevated events quarterly. Members of ALPHA VENICE are among the select few people in the country that get one-on-one consistent Master Trainer attention. ALPHA offers Nike Training Club 3 times a week, so come check us out! Classes are visible on the schedule tab. Come sweat with our NTC family! #KEEPITMOVING

Try ALPHA ABS on your app. Click GET FOCUSED and scroll to find the Ab Workout specifically designed by Joselynne.


Cardio Plank

Downward Dog

Shoulder Press to Glute Extension